Party Packages (Ages 5 +)

Whether you're looking for a relaxing paint night with friends, or a crafty, catered clay adventure, Create with Kirshy is here to work with you to add some artistic flair to that special occasion for family and friends of all ages.

Party Suggestions

-Superhero Self-Portraits (Saving the world is only a few brushstrokes away)
-Distinguished Dino (Who says that a T-Rex never enjoyed tea time, wearing a bowler hat and monacle? If you and your friends can paint it, it totally happened!)
-You-Topia (Because in your world, ice cream can be a mountain, so why not paint it?)
-My desk friend (every kid or adult needs a tiny desktop custom polymer clay monster to guard their precious belongings)

Those are just a few but we're here to work with you to come up with something perfect for your next celebration!

Pricing:  Please contact for more details.