Create With Kirshy COVID-19 Policy 2020

In accordance with Provincial and York Region safety guidelines, we are dedicated to providing a safe environment for both camp staff and participants this summer. As such, we are enforcing a number of policies to ensure that everyone remains healthy and safe:

The wearing of masks by both campers and staff is mandatory, except for snack and lunchtime (during which times, we will still be adhering to social distancing measures of maintaining a distance of 2m/6 feet apart). A washable mask will be provided and it is the responsibility of each family to ensure that it kept cleaned/maintained and is sent with your child to camp each day. If a mask is damaged/left at home, an additional mask will be provided and billed to the family at a cost of $5 

Social Distancing 
In order to aid with social distancing efforts, we have installed floor markers throughout our location, and ask that parents/guardians take the time to discuss this with campers prior to the start of camp. Campers unable or unwilling to continually follow social distancing measures may be sent home and/or not permitted to return to camp if these rules are consistently disregarded.
For visual reference, the floor markers will appear as follows:


Daily Screenings 
We will be conducting daily pre-screenings at drop-off and it is mandatory that parents/guardians be present to answer questions relating to their child’s daily health, regarding potential symptoms.  

It is strongly recommended that any camper exhibiting signs/ symptoms of COVID-19 are kept at home. Symptoms can include:

-Fever (temperature of 37.8 degrees C or greater)
-New or worsening cough
-Shortness of Breath

-Sore throat or difficulty swallowing
-New smell or taste disorders
-Nausea, diarrhea, and/or abdominal pain
-Runny nose or nasal congestion (unrelated to seasonal allergies, post nasal drip, etc)

There are also a number of less-common symptoms of COVID-19. For an up-to-date list of
all symptoms, which changes as we learn more about the virus, please visit

If a parent/guardian answers “yes” to any of the above symptoms regarding their child, they will be not be allowed to attend camp, and urged to:

1. Return home immediately
2. Seek assessment and testing as early as possible at a COVID-19 Assessment Centre
3. Self-isolate for 14 days (including any members of your household or people you had
close contact with from 48 hours before symptoms)

For more information on COVID-19 and COVID-19 Assessment Centres, visit or contact York Region Public Health at 1-800-361-5653.

Additionally, we will be monitoring campers during the camp day, and if symptoms are detected by staff, that camper will be sent home and not allowed to return until confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test result can be provided. 

Any camper who is unable to attend camp due to COVID-19 symptoms will have the pro-rated amount of their registration fee applied as a credit towards their choice of later Create With Kirshy program until Dec.31, 2021.

Supplies and Materials
Each camper will have their own designated activity area, spaced at least 2 m from the nearest neighbour. Additionally, each will receive their own supply kit as a measure to prevent the sharing of materials and potential spreading of germs between campers. Staff (after washing/ sanitizing hands) will provide all additional materials/supplies which will be set up prior to each activity period.

Additional Measures  
Activity areas will be cleaned after each use using industrial strength (non-toxic) disinfectants. We have also installed hand-sanitizer dispensers in key areas of our location and will be encouraging regular handwashing between activity periods and after snacks/lunchtime.