Sept. 14

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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Friday Night Social Painting (Ages 18+)

Join us for a couple of hrs of relaxation and step-by-step painting (all materials included) each Friday from 7 - 9 pm and get to know some like-minded people (or bring a friend or two). Non-alcoholic refreshments are available at an additional charge. 

$30 + HST ($33.90 total). Postponed until further notice.   

Due to concerns surrounding COVID-19, a pre-screening questionnaire and masks are mandatory.

All bookings for Friday Night Social Painting must be made a minimum of 24 hrs in advance in order to avoid over-crowding and maintain health/safety measures regarding COVID-19 Concerns. No admittance will be granted after the start of the final drop-in hr (7 pm on weeknights) to those who have not received a booking confirmation.