Monday, 1 June 2020

Summer Camps and Safety Measures

Summer Camp Programming and Health/Safety Measures
We hope that everyone is continuing to keep healthy and safe as businesses in Ontario have been starting to re-open. We are still waiting on news from the Provincial Government with regards to the status of program facilities, including guidelines for safety/health measures within these environments. In any case, we have already begun planning for both summer programming and health/safety measures moving forward.

Summer Camp Programming
Since we are still uncertain as to when/whether we will be able to run in-person summer camp programming, preparation has already begun for a virtual camp experience. We in the process of assembling videos and activity plans for the artist in your household, featuring fun and easy-to-follow videos and downloadable/printable materials covering a variety of subjects, including (but not limited to) drawing, cartooning, digital painting and animation. Our goal is to create engaging and user-friendly programming, with access to art supply kits (delivered to participants) while keeping costs low for participants, so stay tuned for more details, to be announced over the next week.   

Health/Safety Measures
We are diligently planning to ensure that once our space is able to open, our participants will feel safe to visit and attend classes. In addition to a strict cleaning schedule, we will be installing sanitizer dispensers, as well as providing washable/re-useable cloth masks. Additional measures are also being looked into (limiting program participant capacities, and social distancing measures), but some will depend on Provincial and City guidelines yet to be determined/announced. 

Summer Camp Free Enrollment Draw
We had hoped at the time of our previous communication that summer/re-opening guidelines would have been announced, but as this is still pending, we have decided to once again postpone the draw tentatively to June 30, 2020.  This will be the final postponement and in the event of cancellation, we will still offer free enrollment to the winner for a later program of their choice, once we are up and running.

Will you be taking registration for the Fall?
As mentioned previously, we are hopeful that the coming weeks will serve as an indication of things to come, and with the gradual lifting of restrictions, we are aiming to open our Fall registration (again, tentatively) by mid-Summer (or end of July). If you have any program suggestions are inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out.

As outlined previously, we urge everyone to continue prioritizing your health, safety, and overall well being, but should you wish to reach us, feel free to call 416-258-1016 or email

Be well, and stay safe!

Shane Kirshenblatt
Owner/Program Director/Head Instructor
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